Sunday, 22 May 2016

How To Choose The Right Slimming Products For You

With so many diet pills out there, trying to understand how each one works can be very confusing!
Slimming supplements can be divided into 5 main groups – fat burners, detox supplements, fat blockers appetite suppressants and carb blockers.
Many slimming supplements belong in more than one group as they contain multiple ingredients that work in many ways to help you lose weight.
Below is a list of the five main types of diet pills. Click on each one to see if it's the right slimming supplement to help you lose weight.
Types of Diet Pills:
  • Fat Burners
  • Detox Supplements
  • Fat Blockers
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Carb Blockers
Fat Burners
If you want to increase your metabolism and burn more fat either when exercising or resting, fat burners are ideal for you.
Fat burners help you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn up energy. When your metabolism increases, your body burns up more calories, and it often gets these extra calories from your fat reserves. Therefore an increased metabolism = increased fat burning and quicker weight loss.
Fat burners increase your body's metabolism in two main ways. Firstly, they increase your heart rate which uses up more energy and secondly, they stimulate thermogenesis which is the body's ability to create heat using up energy.
Detox Supplements
If you want to have more energy, improve your health and lose weight then detox supplements are for you. Packed with antioxidants, detox supplements (also called superfruits) can help improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails, they can boost your energy levels, improve your immune system and help you lose weight.
Detox supplements work by eliminating the build up of harmful toxins (otherwise known as free radicals) in your body and preventing any further build up. Toxins naturally build up in your body and they can lead to ill-health by slowing down the rate at which your body renews its cells. The antioxidants found in detox supplements cleanse and flush your body of toxic waste. This enables your cells to renew more quickly leading to a healthier body that can function better to help you lose weight.Fat Blockers
If you want to cut out extra calories from your diet whilst still enjoying the foods you love, fat blockers, otherwise known as fat binders, are the best slimming pill for you.
Fat blocking supplements, also known as lipase inhibitors, work by blocking fat from being absorbed by your body. In your digestive system you have enzymes called lipases which help to break down fat. Fat blockers attach to the lipases and stops them from breaking down some of the fat you have eaten. The undigested fats cannot be absorbed by your body so they pass through your system naturally, and are eliminated in your bowel movements.
This natural process helps to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by your body. Each gram of fat that you eat contains double the amount of calories per gram of protein or carbohydrate. Fat blockers therefore significantly reduce your calorie intake and prevent your body from storing any excess fat.
Appetite Suppressants
If you find that snacking and eating too much always let you down when you're trying to lose weight, an appetite suppressant is the best diet pill for you.
Appetite suppressants are becoming very popular due to their ability to naturally suppress your appetite. Feeling hungry is the key reason why many dieters fail to lose weight as they never feel satisfied with their food, which means that they over-indulge and snack in between meals.
Appetite suppressants help you to overcome your weight loss failures in two ways. Firstly, when eating a meal you start to feel full much sooner than normal which means that you consume much less food, which greatly reduces your calorie intake. Secondly, appetite suppressants keep you feeling fuller for longer which means that you have no desire to snack in between meals.
Carb Blockers
If you want to reduce your calorie intake but can't sacrifice your breads, pastas, crisps and potatoes, a carb blocking supplement is ideal for you.
Carb blockers are the carbohydrate version of fat blcokers. They work by reducing the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body which means that your body can no-longer store excess carbohydrates as fat – this prevents further weight gain. A reduction in your carbohydrate intake also means that your body will have to use the carbohydrates, stored in your fat cells, for energy which will lead to weight loss.
The key ingredient in any carb blocking supplement is Phase 2® – an all-natural ingredient that has been clinically proven to neutralize the digestive enzyme alpha amylase. During the digestive process, alpha amylase converts carbohydrates into sugar. When alpha amylase is neutralized, it cannot turn as much carbohydrate into sugar which means that the body cannot absorb as much sugar. This in turn means that fewer calories are absorbed from the carbohydrates that you eat.

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